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Gallupians and their cars

A while back I posted some pics of the annual car show at my Ford dealer.
A local pro photog has produced a calendar titled ‘‘gallupians and their cars’’, beginning with Sept '14, with some great pics of some of those cars taken around town. Not just at our car show, but the Chevy dealer’s too.
Search ‘‘gallupians and their cars’’ to see what comes up, or visit the website of the photog .
In his website you’ll click ‘‘blog’’ to see car pics but you can also click the archives and see some of our Navajo Code Talkers that we spoke of in still another post here.
There’s some great cars out here in the dry southwest where rust is not as common.

Great cars. Is that a triple black Corvette?

I met a guy with a cherry 1960s Mustang when the car was about 25 years old. I was in Central California at the time, and remarked about the California weather being good for the car. He said if he had always lived there (Lompoc), it would have been a rust bucket. He bought it in West Texas when he worked there and brought it with him when he transferred to Lompoc.

didn t dr who visit the gallupians?