Future VW diesel lineup

I’ve been searching the internets without much success, so I’m hoping someone in-the-know is out there. I’m interested in finding out if/when VW will be re-introducing the Passat TDI to the Americas. For me this would be the perfect family hauler, lots of room and mpg.

The only article I could find on this was from 2006 - which I totally disregard since the economic landscape has now changed.

Thanks for any insight!

Check out TDIClub.


Someone there will have any information that is available.

Diesel is the fuel of communists…I kid, I kid. The problem is that diesel is only really attactive when gasoline prices are higher, as of late diesel fuel has been higher or about the same as gas. So it’s not really that attractive right now.

All of the enthusiasm about meeting the new emissions standards have not been born out in the real world. You might have a long wait…

Check the VW website. they have been back in the US market about 1 year.

The diesel Jetta is said to cost about $1,300 more than a comparably equiped gasoline Jetta.

There may be a Mahindra diesel pickup before Jan 2010 and an SUV/CUV in 2010 called the Scorpio.