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Fuse Box Stickers

I recently purchased a 95 Buick Regal to drive instead of my Avalanche. On the fuse box located left side of the engine compartment the sticker is worn off. I was wondering is there a web site I could go to to look up what’s on that sticker??

I would suggest stopping by a rputable body shop,notthe websites. Most of them (including the dealership) can order new stickers for you. I have had bad luck with web sites, especially on cars that are more than ten years old whe it comes to stickers, labels, and other nomenclature. You find it, order it, then after they bill yu, they say that it is no longer a stocking item, would you like an ‘in store credit’?
body shops replace these thing all the time, so they might have a line on a less expensive aftermarket source.

The owner’s manual and shop manuals (Haynes, etc.) have this info also.