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Furniture polish for cars?

Several knowledgeable car nuts from South America told me recently that a good spray type furniture polish is much better and easier to apply than a good car wax. They said that this is well known by cab drives in Buenos Aires and elsewhere. Can anyone validate or dispute without laughing (one of the “nuts” es mi suegro).


It’s easier to apply.

However, my experience with furniture polish is that it doesn’t hold up anywhere near as well as waxes…even indoors! And it isn’t formulated to stand up to the elements.

Be suspicious anytime anyone says “this is well known by cab drivers in Buenos Aires”. Be suspicious anytime anyone says something is “well known” by some group that they know it’s impossible for you to verify the statement with.

Are you looking for a was or a polish? There is a difference. Furniture polish will certainly go on easily, but it will not be designed to last in the weather. Furniture is not exposed to rain or UV light like cars are.

For car waxes, in general, liquids last longer than paste waxes and spray-ons are the worst. Buy a subscription to Consumer Reports online. You don’t have to pay very much to buy good car wax.

Thanks for your input.

I’ll do as you guys suggest and use products designed for cars.

On a similar subject…can leather furniture products be used for car interiors?

You certainly can use spray furniture wax on a car. The difference is that car wax leaves a thicker protective layer. And I would use a cream car wax instead of a spray for cars if you have a choice for the same reason.

You can use leather furniture products on leather car seats. You should try it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure that it doesn’t discolor the seats.