Funny Sound


My '95 Cutlass Supreme with 196K miles emits a funny, almost whistling sound, that lasts only 2-3 seconds. It happens only when I’m first driving off, taking a right hand turn at 10 m.p.h. And I hear the sound twice, about five seconds apart. Of course, I realize that the sound may be there when I’m driving at full speed and perhaps I don’t hear it; but I don’t think this is the case. I’m not sure if the sound is mechanical or not, but it almost sounds like a teapot starting to whistle, a mid-range tone (not high or low). Any ideas?


No idea how to fix it . But when you find out the cause let me know as i will modify my 91 cutlas supreme to get her to play me a tune while i cruise down the road.


I was wondering if it is a wheel bearing, but I think they make more of a grinding noise, don’t they?


Check for engine vacuum leaks.


a diferent sound likly is a bearing. Check the throttle body to see if it is loose- could be the cause. Have a helper start it up an you listen under the hood to see if ya can find whats making the noise. Or does it only happen when moving? be sure to check the power stering fluid level too.