Low Rumble

I have a 1995 Cutlass Supreme with 208K miles. Developed a low rumble in what seems like the back right. Took it in, and Firestone replaced the right real wheel bearing assembly, the first bearing replaced on the car. They also rotated my new tires with 5K on them. Drove off, and the rumble’s still there. Had the muffler shop check it out. Said my system is the original but it’s OK. Firestone’s gonna check it out again tomorrow. The only other thing I can think of, could ice build up do this? I live in NW Minnesota. Any ideas?

Yes ice is a possibility.

Grab That Rascal By The Tail(Pipe, That Is) When It’s Cold.

Give it a good shake and wiggle. It should be free to move on its rubber hangers, without clunking. Ice can restrict its movement so it just rattles against ice or a broken hanger, bracket, or pipe can let the exhaust pipe lay right on something and rattle or rumble. I’m surprised if it’s any of these things. The muffler shop should have caught it.

Thanks, I’ll take it to the car wash and get rid of the ice. If any of you think of anything else, let me know!

Well, folks, it was the left rear wheel bearing assembly. All is quiet now. Thanks!

I’m Just Curious.

Did Firestone do any diagnosis the first time when they replaced the right side bearing? Did you tell them it was definitely the right rear? Did they even check the left rear bearing at that time?

I would think that if the bearings on either side failed that one would logically check the other side as well and on a car that doesn’t have a sealed unit, clean it, check it, repack it or replace it, to. They should have checked both sides to begin with whether they are a sealed hub / bearing assembly or not.