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Funny Car Brag Racing Records


Funny Cars seem to be having trouble breaking the 300 mph barrier on quarter mile drag racing strips.

Therefore, if their rear tires are increased in diameter by about 2 inches, can they increase their torque and horsepower, or mechanical advantage? And, if NOT, WHY NOT?

Aren’t funny cars dangerous enough?

You increase torque and horsepower with the engine and drivetrain. The tires apply it to the ground. Are you asking if bigger tires would hold the road better?

Funny Cars have no problems breaking 300 MPH in the 1/4 mile. Trap speeds in excess of 320 MPH are not uncommon. Due to the unfortunate death of Scott Kalitta a few weeks ago, the NHRA has dictated that the nitro classes only race 1000 feet, instead of the usual 1320 feet.

As stated in a response to your other recent post, increasing tire diameter decreases mechanical advantage. You effectively lower the numerical final drive ration.

Right On!
Now, try changing something else, and you might improve every new car in America!

And you guys say I need to find something to do with my time. Since I have been on this forum there has been Waddell,Shakespirit,VWfueldoor these three have so much in common.My old man says their all the same person.I do see a common thread.

The biggest problem in this extreme sport isn’t making the torque, it’s not overpowering the tires with that torque resulting in wheelspin and a lost race.

It will decrease the torque and HP. It may end up with higher speed but lower ET. Because the two inch increase will give the dragstrip more leverage on the car. The cars could go faster if the rules were changed that govern the shape of the body.

If the rules allowed them to do anything they want to with the shape of the body, they would turn into top fuel cars.

If only it was that simple.

“If the rules allowed them to do anything they want to with the shape of the body, they would turn into top fuel cars.”

I don’t think so. Funny car teams could be top fuel teams if they wanted to. For whatever reason, they prefer funny cars. And I don’t believe it’s money - Force Racing can do anything they want. Since the engine was moved in the dragster about 20 years ago, the funny car seems to be the most dangerous. They race 'em because they love 'em.