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Funny ad in latest Car Talk post

Just got a link to Car Talk’s article on convertibles.

It has this ad for one of the first sunroofs (aftermarket).
Besides the unintentionally funny typo, what is she doing?

Well, clearly, she is exiting, as the ad suggests!
Personally, I think that exiting via one of the doors would make a whole lot more sense, but she is demonstrating what the ad suggests.


"Besides the unintentionally funny typo, what is she doing?"
Steering With Her Knee Or Foot… Been There, Done That!

“Besides the unintentionally funny typo, what is she doing?”

Back In The Ear When That Ad Was Run…
…Whenever my buddies and I would go someplace in a car, one guy would yell, “Shotgun!” and dash to the passenger-side front seat, beating everyone else, besides the car’s driver.

The young woman in the ad has apparently just yelled, “shotgun!” and beat out the others for a chance to sit upfront. Been there, done that.

“Besides the unintentionally funny typo, what is she doing?”

I’ve seen that recently, but now it’s referred to as a “drive-by” .

Besides the unintentionally funny typo, what is she doing?


OR . . Poaching.

I think it’s trying to show a utility of the sunroof you might not think of: using it for shooting your gun. For example, if you see an old beer can off the side of the road that you’d like to take a plink at, no need to get out of the car and get your feet all muddy. As a teenager in Colorado we often carried our 22 rifles with us for impromptu target shooting matches. It was illegal in Colorado to shoot from inside car so we wouldn’t do what she was doing. If that particular model was spotted target shooting from the sunroof, if she smiled nicely, she probably wouldn’t have received a ticket … lol …

Wish I could find the link for “ain’t nothing funny about a woman and a gun”

How about She thinks I steal cars?

Back in the early 80s I worked with an older guy who was a service advisor at the VW/Honda dealer where I worked.
He had bought new one of those Smokey and The Bandit Trans Ams with the T-Tops.

He would go hunting sometimes on the weekend in that TA with the T-Tops off. He would have the shotgun across the passenger seat and cruise the back dirt roads with a bottle of Black Jack in one hand.

When he saw some game (usually quail or wild turkeys) he would stop the car and blast away; either over the roofline or through the rolled down passenger window.

In one excursion he saw a rafter (term for a bunch) of wild turkeys cross the road in front of him. Knowing the road made a U and went back the other direction he stopped where the birds entered the brush, turned the stereo up, and started honking the horn. This sent the turkeys running in a panic. When they exited the other side he opened up and got 4 of them.

In another incident he came in complaining about having to use a full box (20 shells) to shoot 55 quail. All of them nailed running on the ground no matter that state law says they have to be airborne first.

A true sporting man… :smiley:

Can you just imagine the uproar in some political circles if an ad like that ran today?

Is this the link Barkydog?

It looks like it is there, but does not sound like the original, thanks @missileman.