Funky Transmission Deal

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger. I had the trans and clucth replaced when I could no longer change gears. A new clutch and and used transmission were put in. Since, the speedometer does not work, and my cruise control functions… don’t function. What can I do, aside from going back to the same lousy mechanic that did that work for me?



Your “lousy mechanic” needs to make right on that. Keep taking it back until you’re satisfied. He needs to stand behind his work. He probably isn’t so lousy, just forgot to hook up the electromagnetic sensor or whatever is is that sends speed info to the instrument.

Thanks for answering. I’ve tried contacting him a few times… he’s never around. He confesses to know a lot, but never officially trained. I think there are a few things he just doesn’t do well. His prices are great though.