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Funky rear tire

The back driver side tire on my 2002 Kia Sedona is not completly smooth all the way around. When you spin the wheel you can feel how it is not completely smooth. My friend said it was probably due to poor alignment which my van was, so i got it alligned. The overall condition of the tire is very good tread wise. I don’t feel anything when I drive and the van is now aligned. My friends says the tire is a hazzard, the place where I got it alligned said they saw no reason to replace the tire right now. What should I do?

 It is important to have tyres match reasonable close from side to side.  Having differences from side to side can cause control problems under emergency conditions, which is exactly the wrong time.  

Also something is happening. Maybe you got a bad tyre or maybe something happened to a good tyre, but now you have a tyre of questionable safety.

I would guess you have a damaged tyre and should replace both front or both back tyres so they will match. Cost of a tyre or two is a lot cheaper than hospital bills.

I would trust the shop over a friend. Remember the shop has interest too in selling you a tire and still did not.