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I am going to have a four wheel alignment done this weekend at my dealership for $69. Is this a far price for having an alightnment done. I have a 2002 Kia Sedona mini van.

Yes. Be Prepared For It To Become More Expensive If There Are Worn Parts. Ball Joints, Tie-Rods, Bushings, Etcetera, Need To Be In Good Shape Or You’ll Just Be Wasting The $69.


Why Are You Having It Aligned ?
Is There A Problem ? What ?
New Tires ?


Well…when a let go of the wheel I drift to the right, the back driver side wheel when up on the rack and spun you can feel it is not wearing right and if my stearing wheel is at the position it should be for the car to go straight I drift to the right.

This is a good price as long as they do a pre-alignment inspection rather than just putting it on the rack, turning everything green, taking your money and leaving you no better off than you were before you came in. Expect some worn parts on a nine year old vehicle. A worn inner tie rod end (common on these vans) will turn a $70 alignment into a $350 alignment.

Well i had it in about a month ago for a oil and transmission fluid change and a 29 point inspection. it was then that they showed me the back wheel and suggested the alignment. I would think at that point during the inspection they would have checked other things out and said, to do the alignment we will also need to fix this and that…which they didn’t.