Fun with old electric car batteries

‘A rival had released a video suggesting that a technology used by the company, CATL, and other manufacturers could cause car fires. Imitating a Chinese government safety test, the rival had driven a nail through a battery cell, one of many in a typical electric car battery. The cell exploded in a fireball.’

Gee, jamming a metal conductor through a flat plate style battery cell with both fuel and oxidizers shorts it and causes an explosion… who’da figured that? Duh!


the more i hear about china and its communist dictatorship structure, the more i dislike it.
how can we keep 1 billion people busy? make things? dominate world economy?
sell stuff cheaper then any foreign country can make it for. and then what?

Because of the one-child policy and a preference for sons (who take care of parents in their old age, not daughters), China has a ‘surplus’ of 30 million young men. The traditional application of young men is war: you win even if you lose.

Watch some battery rebuild videos from India. Interesting process.
I think I bought one a few years ago.

They abolished that policy 5 years ago, and replaced it with a two-child per couple limit.
A few months ago, the two-child limit was scrapped, and as of now, there is a limit of three children per couple in China.

Speaking of batteries and disasters…

That takes time to have an effect, and a lot of women aren’t choosing to have more than 1.

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