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Differing Tire Sizes

Hey there all,

I’ve got a 2006 Chevy Colorado and got a flat about 3 weeks ago, no problem right? I swapped out the spare which is full size rim but noticed that the spare tire was a 235/75-R15 and the other tires on the truck are 225/75-R15. The tire size sticker says they are all supposed to be 235’s. Anyways I put the spare on (it’s the passenger rear) and had to get a new tire for the other rim. The new tire is a 235 and I put that back underneath the truck as a spare. My question is, since I have a 225 on the left rear and a 235 on the right rear of a rear wheel drive vehicle will this be an issue? My dad seems to think that it might make the limited slip differential constantly slip. I kind of agree, but it was also his idea that the different sizes are just the width and not the diameter so it shouldn’t be an issue. Any advice is appreciated.

The diameters are different, too. You should go back to the tire store and get a tire that matches the other three (225/75-R15).

Either that or buy enough 235/75-R15 tires so the truck has the tires it is meant to have on it.

The tires should all be the SAME size. Yours are not.

Your dad’s right, you want matching tires on each axle. You especially want that with your truck’s limited slip diff. Is it 2WD?

When you said limited slip differntial that is a key clue. In this case the same size tires on the rear is important. Over time running the different tires could damage any differential, but limited slip ones are even more sensitive.

Is the old 235 spare relatively new or does it have a lot of tread worn off? If it is pretty new looking then put the other 235 you just bought on the other rear wheel and use a 225 for the spare.

Then when you need tires for the front buy the same size, so eventually all the tires are 235’s.