fuleinjecton kits for air cooled vw engine size 1915


Was that Fuel Injection kit?? Do such things exist for these antique engines? If so, what’s your question? You pay your money, you read the instructions and hope for the best…


yes theay do where to get a kit and more info


Google “VW fuel injection kit” and see what comes up…


Here’s a good discussion on it, sounds like pretty big $$ ($1600+).


Getting a one barrel Solex carburetor dialed in can’t be that big a problem.

I mean, the car only cost $1600 when it was brand new…


And a Weber 2-bbl carb kit can be had for $300. Bolt it on, set the idle mixture and done!


You might explain the deal behind the engine and what type of air cooled vehicle it’s in, or going in.
Big bore kit, bus engine, or what?

The stock VW F.I. systems back then were high tech for the times but pretty crude compared to the stuff nowadays and given the choice between the F.I. and a carburetor I’d take the carb any day.
With the carburetor systems, one wrench and a screwdriver will take care of any problems.


Or, for a really deluxe ride, you could use a Fish Canadian carburetor!