Fuels bx location



i have an used 1996 cadilliac deville and want to know where the fuels bx is located? The car has spare fuels inside glove copartment and i dont have an manuel.Fuels need to be changed,hood to trunk want open when button pushed inside.


where is the fuels bx located in a 1996 cadilliac deville?


I don’t think that anyone knows what a "fuels bx’ is.


I looked at this a few times completely perplexed - are you looking for the fuse box? And are you looking for it because your trunk won’t open when you push the release?

I think that you have one fuse box underneath the hood (look on the driver’s side) and another one in the trunk. But if you think it is a “fuels bx” maybe you should find a nice friend or neighbor to help you out with this?