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Fuel Tank Air Filter?

No, not a fuel filter, but a fuel tank air filter. I have never heard of that part before. My owners manual says I am 6k miles overdue for a change and would just like to know what this does and approximately how much it is going to cost me. Thanks

Let’s begin by finding out what year, make and model car you own.

Some cars had a little coffee filter type deal on the bottom of the Carbon Canister that filtered the incoming air during the purge cycle…

Gasoline has “Vapor Pressure”…It’s always boiling off a little and a closed container like your fuel tank will be pressurized…No air can get in…Modern gasoline contains a small percentage of both propane and butane which guarantees this…

I own an’09 Hyundai Accent.

With the year and model of your Hyundai, I was able to find that fuel tank air filter. It is diagramed to be up near the fill pipe and is connected to the fuel vapor recovery canister throught the Canister Closed Valve. Air is probably drawn through this when the canister is being purged of fuel vapors. If the filter were to become plugged, it is possible that a vacuum could be drawn inside the tank causing fuel starvation to the engine or setting a Check Engine Light with a vapor recovery Diagnostic Trouble Code.

You would have to check with a Hyndai parts department for the cost of the filter. The book time appears to be 0.6 hours for replacement so the labor would be about $60 if the shop rate is $100.