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Fuel pump

will replacing my fuel pump increase the gas mileage? 95,000 mi. v-6 1989 olds 88

Not likely. Why would you expect it to?

Maybe if you could tell us more, we might be able to better address your question.

I read a lot of things online, one was from a guy who has car like mine. He stated that after he replaced the fuel pump he got better gas mileage. I’m about to drop the tank to find out why it’s leaking after it was just replaced last nov. by the previous owner. It wouldn’t be any extra work to replace the pump, just wondering if it makes sense. Your opinion is valued. Thanks, Mike

It may not be such a bad idea to replace the fuel pump to prevent a breakdown if you are going to have the fuel tank out anyway, but if you replace it with the intention of saving money on gas, it’s a foolish motive and the odds of it working that way are slim to none. The news isn’t all bad though. Repairing the fuel leak will save you money on gas and could dramatically extend your life, considering a fuel leak can be extremely dangerous.

No to better mpg. If you think it is the original fuel pump might not be a bad idea as long as you have done 90% of the labor in dropping the tank.

How much is the new pump, for the part? If it is several hundred dollars and you don’t plan on keep the car very long I’d let it ride. But for $100 or 150 I’d replace it. Some fuel pumps aren’t too expensive. I had a Volvo which needed a fuel pump and the part was $900, so price the pump and then decide.

I have to agree that it’s not likely that a new fuel pump will increase gas mileage. A new pump will deliver more fuel at an increased pressure. That’s not condusive to increased fuel economy. It’s probably a wise thing to replace the pump since you will have the tank off anyway.