Fuel Pump Tests


Car is 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix- was recently told that amps on fuel pump were low, 5.2-

What is a normal, ‘good’ amp reading.

What tests can be performed on the fuel pump both in car and at bench and what is the procedure?

Thank you in advance of any info you can provide.


I don’t what the normal amp reading is but I would guess that 5 amps is reasonable and really would be concerned more about a high reading than a low one. The main thing to check would be fuel pressure. If that is good then a low current reading is not a issue. It just means the pump is working very well.


The main thing to check would be fuel pressure.

And may volume :slight_smile:


Thank you for that information- I’ll check the pressure- I was told by repair shop than amps were low and that indicated pump was getting tired-


Use another shop. That one knows HALF the story. For a larger story on fuel pump systems, go to: www.carterfueldelivery.com/fuelpumps.


A fuel pressure test should be performed, but it would help to know exactly what symptoms your car has.

Generally when an electrical item has wear the current draw (amps) goes UP not down, so I’m a little bit puzzled about their “low” diagnosis.