Fuel Pump problems

1988 Jeep Cherokee, wouldn’t start, no fuel at fuel rail and no fuel pump noise. Pulled pump out of tank, obtained new pump. With key on, could hear pump run but not output- even right at hose coming from the pump. Returned pump, second pump same problem- there is adequate gas in tank. I then pulled pump, submerged lower end in 2 inches of gas in platic tub, hooked a jumper straight to battery. Pump runs but no output. It is hard for me to believe that I got two bad pumps from supplier (these are Bosch pumps). What else am I missing?

Since the pump is a 12 volt motor, if the wires are connected in reverse the pump will run in reverse. Any chance that’s what’s happening?


2 inches of gas in a plastic tub and jumper wires!! Are you serious??? Are you outta your F…ing mind?

Stop what you are doing, find someone that knows what they are doing and have them fix this thing.