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Fuel pump etiquette

Is it bad to leave a fuel pump laying around for a long time? That is, are there any precautions for storing it?

I have this one probably:

The hoses and crush rings are new. There is a small district fuel odor. It will be a while before I open it up, let alone test the pump. (The car is not going anywhere.)

Also, editing/posting on mobile is goofy - I lost edits.

Well…these fuel pumps are stored in auto parts stores for years. I would blow the pump out with compressed air and let it dry in the sun just to be sure all the fuel is out. Gasoline can leave a smell that lasts for a very long time.

I think I would pump a little kerosene through it and empty it. Kerosene is oily and should protect it and keep the seals and diaphragm from drying out.

thanks. I am theorizing if the pump was made leaky solely by letting it sit (sealed) too long after removal… not sure that was clear.

If not, then might have tightened the hose clamp too much.

Hoping to see the answer in a few days.

Follow up:

Took a survey of the odor around the pump area. Ran the pump for at least 10 seconds. No extra odor, no leaks.

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@cdaquila‌ thank you!