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Fuel pressure

i am getting around 9 or 10 psi on my fuel pressure into my edelbrock performer. is this too much? i have been having a problem with stalling after a consistent drive time. the engine is a 69 chevy 350. it could also be a control module/coil issue, but the fact that after i come to a stop it starts to bog and hesitate,keeps me guessing. i’ll try to keep her alive by feeding it slowly but when i come to a stop or put it in reverse she dies.what the hell!?

Don’t have a spec before me but 9-10 sounds high, 3 psi should do it,I would contact Edelbrock

The float may be taking on fuel and sinking. The float level may be set too high. You will have to take it apart and check.

The fuel pressure is too high but that may not be all of your problem. Most older vehicles run on about 3.5 to 7 PSI of fuel pressure with most in the 4-5 range.

What carburetor are you running? A Quadrajet?

Scratch that last sentence. You said Edelbrock Performer and my brain instantly went to intake manifold, not carburetor.
I was dwelling on a QJ and thinking of leaking jet well plugs, gas logged floats, etc. Since you’re using the Edelbrock carb there are no jet well plugs and it has brass floats.

Consider a fuel pressure regulator. Ten PSI could be sinking the float.