Fuel Mileage verses performance

With higher fuel cost, and the need for less polluting cars. what would be the minimum performance as fair as accelerating that one would accept for a 40MPG average conventional gasoline car. Back in the 80s 0-60 mph in about 13 sec was the norm. Now practically everything is under 10sec 0-60.

Prior to the 80s, cars were expected to go 0-60 in at most 15 seconds or so. The only real sluggish cars were small imports and such cars as the Mercedes 4 cyl non-turbo diesel. Everything else was fast enough to keep up with traffic and move along well on the Interstate. In the sixties when gas was cheap, the standard engine in a Valiant or Dart was only 100 Gross hp, and 0-60 took about 16-17 seconds. Forget the muscle cars, they constituted only a tiny percent of the total.

As per a previous post, and Tom & Ray’s comments, most cars have more than enough power, even with the smallest engine. Becuase of the low speed limits in the US, larger engines don’t run as trouble-free as smaller ones since for most stop & go driving they do not get enough of a workout.

The original Volkswagen beetle had only 24 Hp and a top speed of 68mph.

I don’t know what car you drive, but you can try to go 0-60 in 10 seconds at the next traffic light in a large city, and you will likely cause an accident trying. traffic just does not move that fast. Most Americans are not good enough drivers to use all that horsepower safely.

When planning your next car purchase, budget for $5/gallon gas, since that will likely be the average price of the fuel this vehicle will consume during its projected 20 year life.

Check out things like Toyota Corollas. And even the Prius. They do pretty well at MPG ratings pushing 40 mpg…more in the Prius. Also pick up a Consumer Reports Car Issue at eth local bookstore. You’ll be surprized.

The Lotus Elise goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds and gets 29 mpg.

Times have changed.

It needs to go from stop to 1320 feet in less than 15 seconds.

Sixteen seconds could be done with economy. Lots and lots of economy. Economy doesn’t seem to impress people much.

Which is why the Elise really is a practical choice for a daily driver!

Oh to have a spare $50,000…

First show me an average 40 mpg conventional gas car…http://www.automotive.com/fuel-efficient-cars/108/40-mpg/index.html

The above are rated at 40 max hwy (one at 41) by the EPA, but you know how likely that is…

The 2008 Prius does 10.5 seconds 0-60. I get about 44 MPG in combined driving. If I didn’t live in a hilly region, I could probably stretch that to 46.5, maybe 47

Actually, living in a hilly region actually probably helps your fuel mileage, since the Pruis uses the electricity on the way up that you generated on the way down.

“The only real sluggish cars were small imports and such cars as the Mercedes 4 cyl non-turbo diesel.”

LOL, my wife drives a '83 240D and “sluggish” is a good description. Actually that car will do OK up to about 70 mph. FWIW, that’s only about 70 HP in a 3500 pound car, so you can extrapolate the required power to a smaller/lighter car.