Fuel level indicator

hello sir, i have ford fusion 2008 model. i have 2 questions.
1- fuel level indicator does not reset after filling the fuel. its still show 0 miles to E.
so what to do now , i fill $20 but its no chang .

what to do

You have to start most vehicles and drive them a little. That’s how my 2008 HHR operates.

Sometimes the float in the gas tank will stick in place, giving incorrect information. I have fixed this on a former car by adding a dose of fuel injector cleaner–the best being probably Sea Foam.

Have you ever looked inside the upper part, the tank, of a toilet? See that thing that floats up and down, connected to a lever or something similar? There’s something like that inside your gas tank too. It can stick in the “empty” position, , and your symptom is the result. The float can leak and instead of floating, sink, again that’s the symptom you get. Or the electrical connection between the float sensor and the dashboard can get broken. If it always or nearly always reads empty, no matter how many miles you drive after filling the tank, it is likely one of those.