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Fuel Leak on 93 Camry

Fuel Leak on 93 Camry

Yesterday, our 93 Camry (bought new in 93),now has only 186K miles on it, started leaking fuel right after filling. Our mechanic, pulled the back seat, found stain around the sensor connection, replaced the sensor gasket, blew smoke up the tank, found no leak and returned the car to me, after relieving me of only $95 and change. I then took the car to a service station, topped off the tank and it leaked again for about a half hour before stopping.

I then paid $15.00 to get expert opinion as to what is most probably wrong. One “expert” said that it is probably not the evap connection, another “expert” said that it is probably the evap connection. Both “experts” sounded to me like they were blowing smoke up somewhere else besides the tank. They probably are very good at throwing parts at a problem without diagnosing the problem. To translate from Deutch to English and then quote a well known Deutch Field Marshall of WWII, “What Say You?”

From whom did you get $15 worth of expert advice?

If you can see and reach the connections for the evap system it should be pretty simple to see if they are leaking. If you can’t reach them someone will likely have to remove the fuel tank to figure out where the leak is.

It could be the filler tube connection, too. Doesn’t matter. Gasoline leaks are very dangerous. You have to fix it. required a “donation to insure a response.” I like the fool that I am, used my credit card to “donate” $15.00. Two “experts” provided conflicting advice.

You, are right of course, when you say that I have to fix it. It is just that I hate to tear it down without having a good idea of what the problem might be.