Fuel gage

ok so i have a 2000 pontiac sunfire and ok it has been in a few accidents and rebuilt practically… but here is the thing… after driving my car i put it in park and the fuel gage will move up and down for a bit and then finally settle on a spot. i think the final settling spot is the correct fuel gage rating… but while i am driving it tells me i have more gas than i do. could someone tell me what could possibly be going on?

please help!


Probably a faulty gauge sending unit. This is located inside the gas tank and is part of the sender/pump module. It could also possibly be caused a corroded wire harness which is causing a weak and erratic connection.

The car is 8 years old and if the pump has never been replaced this is probably a good as a time as any to change it before it quits and leaves you stranded somewhere. Fuel filter should be changed also.

This is what the sender/pump module looks like.

Agitated fluids (all masses, actually) gain volume. While you’re driving the gas is vibrating.

In addition, gasoline volume measuring systems have an electronic damping feature built in to filter out rapid oscillations such that the gas splashing around doesn’t register as vibration in the needle. The damping is normally incorporated into the instrument itself.

It’s entirely possible that this damping feature (an electronic filter actually) is defective or has been damaged in an accident from mechanical shock.

Just my wild guess.

Call your insurance company. If you can convince them that the indication was fine before the last accident, they may cover it. Worth a try.