Fuel for emergencies

Anyone ever use this product or something similar? http://sparefuel.net/ and if so what did you think of it?
Thanks for all comments and advice.

I’ve considered using this but it’s kind of tiresome stuffing it through that small filler hole with a piece of wooden dowel so sparefuel might be worth a shot… :wink:

Man, people sure are suckers. I can buy 10 gallons of real gas for the same price as 1//2 gallon of “SpareFuel”. I can store it in my gas tank, on top of the fuel that’s already in there.

Don’t go knocking Spam now. Its an important product around these parts. I think the last time I ran out of gas was in 1966 with my Morris Minor that got about 2 mpg. I like the idea of storing spare gas on top of the regular gas though. Good idea.

A half a gallon of fuel won’t start most vehiles unless you are very lucky. Besides…I lost my breath for a moment when I saw the cost. Forget about it.

At only $45 a gallon where do I sign up. Is it available where ever blinker fluid is sold?

Bing, I may have misspoke. I consider the tank empty for refilling purposes when it reaches the half empty mark, so perhaps I really consider the gas in the bottom half of the tank to be the spare gas and the gas in the top half to be the “regular” gas. I get myself confused sometimes… {:open_mouth:

Good thing for homogeneity…

$44.95 a gallon for gasoline?

I noticed the phrase “long-term preparedness supplies”. That tells me this is aimed at the “survivalist” crowd. It’s like I keep telling my cheapskate brother. “It’s just as cheap to keep the top half of the tank topped off as it is to only fill the bottom half, and you won’t need to keep calling me to bail your sorry butt out when you run out!”

Well said, DrRocket.

Am with @DrRocket. Just fill up when your tank is half full during “troubled” times. . Just the right attitude does wonders for saving money on unnecessary items.

I can’t even remember running out of gas…I don’t think I ever did…Save your money…

I am squarely in the “fill-up when you get down to 1/2 a tank” crowd.
However, if I am on a long interstate highway trip with gas stations at every third exit, I will usually push it to the 1/4 tank mark–but not below that point. With reasonably-predictable availability of gas, coupled with much better gas mileage at expressway speeds, that just makes sense to me.

I just can’t figure out people who think that running out of gas is something that should be expected. In a few days, I will have been driving for exactly 50 years, and I have never run out of gas. Yet, some people manage to accomplish this feat several times in their lives. Whatever happened to learning from experience?

Is it because they never check any of the gauges on their dashboard?
Or, is it because they somehow think that they are saving money by filling up less often?
Or, are they just gamblers and risk-takers by nature?

I am interested in hearing what others think, regarding this question:
Why do you think that some people manage to run out of gas more than once, and others never do?

well you guys have apparently never driven a 75 ford with a broken gas gauge…

I learned long ago to keep two, one gallon, fuel cans strapped in the back…

If it were mine I’d just fix the gas gage (replace the sending unit, or whatever was needed).

I bet you wouln t have fabricated cab supports and floor pans with stainless steel with out the facilities to weld stainless steel either…

…that reminds me, I need new drill bits…

Kudos on your accomplishment.

thanks but not done yet. need more drill bits and bolts to finish. I may end up yanking the cab supports back out and replacing them with regular steel anyway, we ll see.

it is supposed to warm up this week, I need to get it done ,my headgasket on the jeep is on it s last legs…

I ran out of gas once. In 1979 I bought a 1976 Honda CB360T and in my enthusiastic departure I switched the fuel valve to reserve. Thus draining the main and reserve, a stupid mistake that never happened again.

“a stupid mistake that never happened again.”

Most people–like you did–learn from their mistakes, and never make that same mistake again.
However, some people seem to go through life with repeated incidents of running out of gas.