Fuel Economy

1989 4runner get 16 mpg city

Does anybody know of any aftermarket add-ons i can do to improve economy???

Yes i have a new air filter



Your best after market add-on is another car that gets twice the mileage. If you really need an off-road type vehicle, there are newer and smaller ones that get much better mileage.

Prius lol Can i put 31s on it?

My old 4.0 jeep got better mileage


“My old 4.0 jeep got better mileage”

Cherokees and Grand Cherokees are unibody, if that’s what your vehicle was

Unless I’m mistaken, your 4Runner is body on frame, which should be heavier

I find it hard to believe the 89 4runner weighs more than 96 cherokee

89 4runner / Curb weight 3,720–3,760 lb
96 Jeep Cherokee / Curb weight 3,357 lb

Real close

Cherokee rules

Lower center of gravity and wider wheel base

Aren’t you in Alaska or somewhere quite far north? The very cold temperatures you have will cause a decrease in fuel economy, and slogging through snow and mud creates a lot of drag that also impacts economy.

I have no problem thinking an 89 4-Runner is heavier than a 96 Cherokee, though I bet a little research will reveal which is in fact heavier. Also technology advanced quite a bit from 89 to 96. a 96 anything will almost always be more efficient and powerful than the 89 counterpart.

For a serious reply:

I would try posting this on a forum dedicated to 4Runners.

Do you have the EFI 3.0 engine?

I would replace the PCV valve, change spark plugs and wires, change fuel filter, and keep the tires slightly over inflated for the best MPG.

Has the MPG dropped recently?

Ive have many hours in both type vehicles and i can tell you the jeep feels heavier. Probably has something to do wit profile. I posted both vehicle weights. They are virtually the same

I have a hard time registering as a member on those sites. I’d like to slap whoever came up with that format. I just tried again to get on one and they sai ive been banned for having more than one user ID. Well thats because i cant figure out how to register. So they tell me to contact them and i do …tell them the problem and send off msg. I never get a reply. Those site are hard to navigate.

4 cyl engine
Plugs n wires are new

I will check PCV & Tire pressure


Yes im aware on the temperature effect on fuel economy

City driving is so specific, we would not have a clue as to whether it was OK. In SUVs, 16 mpg in Boston is OUTSTANDING ! Now, that’s a city. In Bangor Maine, it’s about right.

16 is book. i havent taken the time to figure out actual… just know theres room for improvement. I asked about “after market” I got 0 input on that.
I know on the jeep cherokee you can add "Throttle body spacer? its a plate between throttle body and intake manifold that was said to improve mid range power and fuel economy…

Yeah. The more Stop and Go the less mpg. Got that

I make a habit of trying to roll into a stop light as to have a rolling start if i time it right … saves me 2.3 cents per day lol

You have no suggestions because 89 SUV technology doesn’t allow for it. All the scams for improving mileage on older cars are used up. “Trade” it in on a Prius to max city mpgs ! @Accordian may have pulled someone’s string the wrong way, but he’s essentially correct.

I just got input on my question. Thanks

Scams? I dont think so. There is lots of aftermarket technology for older trucks n such. I know a guy driving an older dodge truck thats getting better mileage than some of the new trucks.

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