Fuel Door Springs

Looking for spring for fuel door for 1996 Buick. Identical springs on many years and models. About an inch long, straight in middle, curly above and below, hooks on ends where it attaches to car body.

Have you tried the Buick dealer?
Have you tried the boneyard?
You could probably even get one at Home Depot. They sell springs.

Yeah if I recall, I needed one too but I ended up just getting the whole cover assembly in a matching color for a couple bucks. Best bet though is a U pull since its getting pretty old for the normal junk yards before crushing.

If all else fails, you can probably get something that will work at your local hardware store, as mentioned above. My local small-chain hardware store stocks a boatload of different kinds of springs, compression, expansion, different lengths, diameters, the whole 9 yards. When I need one I ask the staff there to show me how to use their spring index booklet to find the exact one I need. The only types they don’t stock very well are the really small springs, like that little spring in a carburetor that holds the inlet needle valve in position.

I agree with all the comments so far and GeorgeSanJose is spot on. The last fuel door spring that I bought was at my local hardware store. I just took the old one in and matched it to the one I needed.

Needed one for a Camry. Less than $5 from dealer.