Frontier air conditioning

Hello everybody. I recently purchased an 00 Nissan Frontier V6 XE 2 wheel drive. My a/c has started working intermittently. When its working it blows cold like it should, when it isnt working it just blows air. So my question is ,if it was a freon issue it wouldnt blow cold when its working would it? So what do I check next? Is there a sensor or something keeping it from cycling? Thanks for any suggestions & help

I’d take it to a mechanic (not a Nissan dealer), and get their opinion.

A/C systems are complex and generally not within the realm of the average car owner to repair.

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One component that can cause that is a faulty expansion valve,

This regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator.


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Other possibilities could be a wonky low pressure switch for the A/C or possibly a state of charge issue. Logic might dictate the charge is correct but the interpretation of “cools like it should” could be wrong.

In the old Top Gear TV series James May bought a Cadillac in FL and said that the A/C was working nicely by putting out 65 degree air. There is a problem there.

Another possibility is this. Hope some of this helps.

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Also make sure the condenser fan (in the engine compartment, near the radiator) is spinning when the AC is engaged. If the condenser gets too hot it prevents the AC from working.

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check your clutch air gap.
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