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Front suspenson Popping

2004 Nissan Armada makes popping sounds when I enter a driveway apron, right or left, or upon leaving. Inspected same with front wheels off. Put on new brake pads, turned down rotors. Sprayed ball joints externally. All sway bar bushings appear okay. Driving me nuts. Should I replace ball joints? Any other suggestions?

HELP ------Tonowanda guy

How are the shock absorbers looking? Are they wet/leaking at all? Worn shocks can sometimes make noises like this. Do they pass the standard “bounce test”?

You know, the front shocks pass the bounce test fine and I don’t see leaking, however, they are near the end of your useful life. You may be on to something.

By the way, the rear air shocks are not working…presumably the air compressor is shot and I won’t pay Nissan $1000 to replace it, so I will have to shop around for an appropriate regular shock for the rears.

You may be on to something…I was thinking of the front shocks too.

Tonowanda guy

If the suspension uses “A” frames for control arms, check the bushings where they mount to the frame…Spray THEM with silicone lube and see if that improves things, at least temporarily…

Yes, the suspension does use A arms. Good idea. We lubricated the ball joints as best we could, but we may have missed the A arm bushings. I’ll check this out. Thanks for your thoughts.

Tonowanda Guy