Front suspension



I am planning to change the struts on my car and would like to know if there is a way to determine if the springs need to be changed or not. I have read there are specs for these springs but am not sure where to find them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The car currently rides rough on bumpy or uneven roads and speed bumps seem to bottom out the suspension. Thanks for your help.


Be careful. Those springs can be very dangerous, especially if you are not experienced and if you are not using professional grade tools.

If the suspension is bottoming out, you may want to consider additional work, maybe stronger springs. However this decision really should be made by someone with the tools and experience to make those judgments.

Frankly the labor cost is not all that much to change most struts and while I have done more than a few in the old days, I would not consider bothering doing it myself today.


If the car is riding rough that indicates the struts are worn out but it doesn’t mean the springs need to be replaced.

What you need to do is measure the ride height of the vehicle, if it is below spec then the springs need to be replaced.


You have the choice of changing the shocks or installing “quick struts”, assemblies which have new springs in them. Some shops will quote you about the same price since it is a messy job to rebuild the struts with new grommets and other parts.

I would get a quote and you may find that the quick strut solutionis the most painless and you’ll have new springs as well.