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Front Suspension Schematics

George, it’s my son’s car, and it was mentioned the handling feels wrong. I haven’t driven it myself, just looked it over while I was working on my vehicle. Perhaps I’ll drive it around, but getting my fave up close it looks like the boot is split. I know there’s noise in the rear (it’s all wheel drive), so definitely suspect there could be an issue up front. Thanks.

so it does look like some of the boots have been replaced, though I still don’t know about the joints with grease coming out. My son took it back to where we got it (a shop that sells cars as well). They had recently replaced the engine, and they told him there were a few bolts that needed tightening. Good thing I took it to a professional, because we are talking about bolts, that does silly things like keeping the engine mounted (rolls eyes).

Anyway, I’m thinking for now I just want to replace the boot on the CV joint. Any opinions on the split boots? If they are just as good it would help to not have to do ay disassembly. And this way if the other stuff really is fine, I’m saving some money and effort. I will still try Tester’s advice and shake the tire when I get some time.

My sincerest thanks to those who have some actual advice to provide.

A shop that also sells cars ! I strongly suggest you take this thing to a trusted mechanic and pay the 100.00 dollars or so to see if there are any other problems that need to be corrected. If they really did forget to tighten the motor mount bolts what else may they have missed.