Front struts on 02 Hyundai Accent

Quick question: Are the front struts supposed to rotate as the wheel is turned?

While rotating my tires on my 02 Hyundai Accent hatcback (auto trans, 94,000km) this morning, I noticed that the strut on the front driver’s side rotated as the wheel was turned side to side. I thought it was strange and might explain problems I’ve been having recently, namely a rubbing sound (audible only under 50km/h or so) coming from the front end (seems to be from driver’s side) when decelerating, and seems to be dependant on speed, and also a clank (I guess) coming what seems to be the front driver’s side wheel when turning left at low (but faster than parking lot) speeds.

So I guess I have two questions… are the struts supposed to rotate, and any ideas what the problem might be with the car.


Yes, the strut is supposed to turn when the wheels turn. The strut is bolted to the steering knuckle which must turn in order to… well, steer.

As to the noise, your description could be better but it could be an inner CV joint.