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Front lower control arm bushings cracked & leaking

I have a 2002 BMW 525i with 24,000 miles. I recently purchased 4 new tires. After the tires were installed I found my steering wheel shaking violently when I went over some holes in the road at very low speeds. It doesn’t happen often. I brought my car back to the tire place and after inspection they told me that I had front lower control arm bushings that were cracked & leaking and that I also had leaking rear control arm bushings. My question is how common is this on a low mileage car? Also is it better to get the bushings removed & replaced or the whole arm replaced? Most important is this a safety issue?

Control arm bushings will show some cracks and still be perfectly serviceable

What did they say the bushings were leaking?

Is this a BMW speciality shop? Even if it is ,no more business with this shop

Did they do a re-check of tire balance?

This is a tire shop where I bought my tires 6 weeks ago and I had them balance & align at that time. When I brought it in last week with the shaking problem they took it for a test drive and couldn’t duplicate the problem ( it hasn’t happened to me often). They checked the tire pressure and had it up on the rack and could find nothing wrong. Except when they were told by a BMW repair shop next door to check the bushings.
What makes the bushings crack and leak at low mileage?

Bushings don’t leak and as I said not all imperfections in the rubber parts of the bushings should be considered of consequence.

Can you see some type of substance leaking out of a crack on a bushing?

Lower control arm bushings are solid rubber. They may crack, but they don’t leak.

I know for a fact that some BMWs use some fluid filled bushings in the suspension, so it’s entirely possible that these bushings can be leaking.

I’d take it by the BMW shop and get it checked out.

Yes there is a small (very small amount of very thick jell in the bushing,a leak would look like a stain) go ahead a get the bushings replaced.