Front engine mount with sensor

My car uses a front engine mount that has a sensor in it. It has been suggested that I don’t need the sensor and can use a variety of different mounts all that are sensor-less.

I have talked to 3 mechanics and 10 parts people and none can tell me what the sensor actually senses… suggestions?

(My car is a 2002 Nissan Maxima SE Automatic).


I highly recommend that you get the correct motor mount

i suspect your car with have a rough idle with the sensor-less mount

It’s a 11-12 year old car. I wouldn’t spend the extra $100. It won’t make any noticeable difference.,carcode,1431961,parttype,5552

The front and rear mount appear to be ‘Electronically Controlled Engine Mounts’. There probably is a flow control solenoid that loosens and stiffens the mounts to better isolate and damp the vibration of the motor/transaxle assembly under idle, acceleration, and decelleration. Since the solenoid is controlled by the ECM, any replacement should be as close to OEM as possible if not directly from the manufacturer.

Putting in a noncontrolled mount might cause greater engine vibration to be felt. Also, the ECM might object to the unterminated driver wires and set a Diagnostic Trouble Code and the Malfunction Indicator Light.

Reply with any additional information you get on this situration.