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Front end wanders?

06 equinox FWD. hard to describe various front end issues. MN roads. mostly dry. some ice. got stuck at light last week. almost felt like 1 tire was on ice and just spun. drove 50 miles on saturday. dry roads. felt fine. no wander. today we got 1" snow and i live on hill. really felt squirrely going up hill about 200’. got on main road and wandered left/right. almost like on ice. i have been hearing popping sounds occasionally. stopped at light. took off and i could not keep it straight. went 1 block and pulled over. checked tires. all good. no flats. turned around and went home. and i could not keep it in my lane the entire way. cv axle? heard about issues with the elec boost steering. and i see many junkyard cars with the assist module missing. it is under dash. odd place for it.

You should drive straight to an independant shop.We cannot test drive your vehicule sitting in front of a computer.

First, one should expect traction issues in winter - and it will vary all over the ballpark.

Second, alignment - especially toe - will affect how a tire interacts with the road surface - and ice especially.

And lastly, tires can make a HUGE!! difference. In Minnesota, I would think winter tires are required.

well, i have an identical equinox i then drove in to work. feels rock solid. on same road 15 minutes later. so conditions are identical. both equinoxes have similar tires. ok all season stuff. both are FWD. i could not keep it straight going 15mph. got nox 1 in july. been driving daily. got nox 2 in sept. nox 2 has more miles but feels more stable. smoother ride. i did heads on both. and have been under both. yes you cannot see it from your computer

I’d start with the easy stuff first. The hub axle nut would be first, make sure it is tight and hasn’t backed off. Then check the CV joint. As a rule, if the boot is good, the joint is good, but that does not apply if you have replaced the axles with remans.

From your description, I would suspect the issue is a broken spyder gear inside you differential if you are sure the problem is lack of power to one front wheel or power alternating between the front wheels causing the truck to pull to one side, then the other.