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Front end 'Q'

"Hi.I just installed a half shaft on my chrysler new yorker,(1990)Allthough when my engine is under load,it has a bad shack.Could it be my tires need balanced or my front end needs aligning.



Do you mean a bad shake?

It’s 18 years old. There could be a dozen different contributing problems, all worn out parts. A good chassis shop needs to look this over.

could you tell us did it shake before repairs? at what speed, does the steering wheel shake. does it shake only when engine is undelaod?
you said that you insaleed it yourself? how did you tighten the shaft bolt. did you check togrue specs? check the tire for something that looks odd on the outside. let us know

It sure needs to be checked out by an alignment or tire/alignment place.

Since the shake happens under load and, I assume, disappears when you get off the throttle, the likely problem is one of the half shafts binding up. I would especially suspect the replaced half shaft if the problem appeared subsequent to its installation. It can happened that a half shaft is defective out of the box or you got the wrong part. I seem to recollect that chrysler products of that vintage had three different makes of half shafts.

Hope that helps. Let us know what you find