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Front end collision

Hey y’all, I just recently had a front end collision, and wanted some opinions. Is it worth taking my car to a body work shop? My car runs and drives fine my one issue is that it says Low coolant. I’ve attached a picture of my car. What would y’all propose?

It’s only a picture. We have no idea what the hidden conditions are… if there are any.

It’s your car, it’s your decision to make (maybe with the help of the insurance company.


You’ll have to get the hood open to see where the coolant is leaking from but you’ll probably need a radiator and that means the HVAC cooler maybe. Probably $2-3000 in body work but the big thing is those air bags. $800? But yeah get an estimate and talk with your insurance. Can’t drive it without fixing the coolant and doing something with the bags.


Its up to you! If it was my car,it will towed directly to a bodyshop.

What is the model-year of this Volvo XC90?

How many miles does it have on it?

Was the vehicle in excellent condition prior to the collision?
If not, what issues need to be considered?

Was the vehicle covered by collision insurance at the time of the crash?

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I honestly can’t believe this is a serious question. How can you make any decision without a thorough assessment of what’s been damaged?

I hope you’re aware that driving an engine that’s low on coolant and overheating it can quickly cause damage to your engine.


I would not run/drive this vehicle until I ascertained that the cooling system is functioning properly (or not) or it could become a stationary humongous paper-weight.
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If you have full coverage insurance that is who you contact . There is no way to even guess at damage from a photo . Only a hands on inspection at a Collision Center will give you answers.


Judging from the haze on the headlights, I’m guessing this vehicle has been around the block a few times and you don’t want to sink a ton of money into it. The first order of business, as has been mentioned, is to determine the state of the cooling system. It might be as simple as a cracked (and empty) coolant reservoir or a busted or disconnected coolant level sensor. Can you get the hood open?

The airbags are another matter. Those are going to cost you, and will be required to get the vehicle back in safe condition. I doubt the car would pass safety inspection.

Front end work is very expensive, and it might total the car.

My wife hit a wooden box that had fallen of a truck and initially it looked like $2000 or so for her 2012 Mazda 3…

After doing the proper repairs, the final bill was $5900!!! If the airbags had gone off it would have totalled the car.

As other recommend get an estimate from a body shop to see if it is worth repairing. Please tell us make and model year of your car.

Looks like 2003 to 2006 model year, in that case no, it is not worth repairing. You can replace that vehicle for $2000 to $4000.