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Front End Clunking in 2008 Saab 93turboX

I’ve got a 2008 Saab 93 TurboX AWD, 6sp manual. It’s got about 40k miles and I just had my front right wheel bearing replaced in November. The clunking sound started probably 2 months ago and it started off very subtle but has now progressed to being audible even over the radio. It occurs typically at any speed and is independent of RPM and/or braking. I can feel it slightly in the steering wheel but nothing significant. It sounds like a low clunking/flapping and occurs during deceleration as well. I hear it particularly in the front center to front right of the car. It kind of sounds like a golf ball rolling around in a cardboard box if you can imagine that.

I’ve had a Saab specialist look at it and they’ve tightened the suspension and inspected for loose parts in the engine compartment as well as the wheel wells and springs were all in good condition.

Please HELP! I have had this car for a year and it has been issue after issue.


Did they inspect for loose bushings on the sway bars? The front ones can be difficult to access on some cars, so they don’t always get checked.

Also, sound travels. The clunk could be in the rear. As with the front, there’re lots of bushings to check. And a visual doesn;t always tell the tale. The parts have to be manhandled. The sway bar can wear grooves where it goes through the bushings, and even of the bushings look good the bar can clunk. The only way to check it is to grab it firmly, shake it, and see if it clunks.

Oh, and did they check the engine mounts?

Could It Be The Raadiator ?
I Don’t Know A Saab From A Baale Of Haay. Do You Haave A " Saab 9-3 M05 with engine alternative Z19 ? "

A Saab TSB addressing Rattling From The Engine Compartment indicates that radiators were improperly installed (upper mounts) on some of these cars.

The TSB outlines the way to fix the rattle using acid-free vaseline, loosening some uper and lower mounts, some repositioning, etcetera . . .

It’s 4 page Technical Service Bulletin (with pictures and arrows) # 260-2598.