Front end alignment



Getting ready for new tires on a 1991 Chevy Silverado two wheel drive PU truck.

I have called around and have had different answers. Some just Quote $50.00, some give me a song and dance that OH on that model it will need new nylon bushings coating hundreds of dollars. One said they would have to replace the metal adjustment plate for even more. No one has looked at the truck as yet.

So what the story?


Who did you get those answers from? Your second to last sentence is a clue.

Why have you decided your truck needs an alignment? Present tires wearing unevenly?

Physically take your truck to at least three different (not chain shops) vehicle alignment locations to find what you really need.

Get the quotes in writing.

I think most reputable shops have a set inspection/alignment rate plus parts (IF necessary).


No shop can tell what a 17 year old vehicle will need without actually looking at it. I suspect they’re just suggesting possibles based on their experience so you’ll be prepared when you go in, perhaps because of the way your questions to them were worded.

Find a good, reputable shop and let them look at it.


The alignment does cost what they are charging. I wouldn’t charge more than $30 on that easy model. Repairs, if needed will cost more. There are some good stories out there but the truck has to go in for the alignment so they can check for worn parts.


You really need to have it looked at rather than expect a definitive answer over the phone. From the shop’s perspective they’re being asked to give an opinion, over the phone, about an 18 year old truck with probably a lot of miles on it.

An alignment only should run about 50 bucks but considering the age/mileage of the truck it should also be assumed that the truck has some issues with ball joints, control arm bushings, tie rod ends, etc. and the shop is just making you aware of this up front. If the front suspension has wear in it then an alignment is pretty much pointless.


Before you spend your money on a possibly unnecessary front wheel alignment, consider if your old tires had a satisfactory life. If they did, you may not need an alignment. Consider too if the front tires displayed an unususal wear pattern or not. If not, then buy new tires and drive on!

Nobody can know over the telephone what you have without inspecting your old tires or inspecting the front wheel alignment with equipment for that.