Front braking sticks in hot weather

I have a '99 Dodge Dakota Manual Transmission with sticky brake issue. Only in Summer, when I start the car and begin moving I can hear what sounds like a click and the brakes release. Then as I drive and am braking more often, the brakes slowly engage with every stop until I basically have the brakes engaged and am fighting them to move the car. I took it to a mechanic a couple years ago, but he couldn’t replicate the problem. But at that point I replaced the brake lines, hoses, and shoes for the front along with the rear brake adjuster cables, and the brakes kept sticking. Most of the time I’m not driving the truck enough for the issue to cause major damage, but I have the time now and would love to get it fixed. Any thoughts? I can answer any additional questions if needed.

Could be brake hoses have deteriorated internally and not allowing the brakes to release.


I should’ve mentioned that I replaced the brake lines at that point, and the problem still was happening, again, only in warm weather.

Sounds more like a sticking caliper

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Is your brake fluid dark yellow with black bits f;oating in it? It could be that one of the return ports in the master cylinder is plugging up.

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Are the calipers original?If yes, Its likely that those 21 year old calipers are in need of replacement.First sign of sticking calipers start with a slight squeek noise,unusual heat from one of the wheel,hot metal smell,pad material that wear out quickly.You will also feel that the vehicule does not roll as far as it did.