1998 ford van front brakes sticking

1998 FORD E350 CLUB WAGON 15 PASSENGER VAN. Front brakes are sticking bad. Stop at intersection with snow or slick condition and you can barely get the van to start moving. After you do you can fell the drag and the vehicle working hard to keep moving. Take tires off front, can not see anything obvious that is wrong. Can see where the bake pads are leave makes on the rotor. Has anybody had this problem or know the fix? Thanks Broke

You either have a caliper sticking and need to replace it and/or you need to replace the flexible front brake lines.

Sometimes if the flexible hose connecting to the caliper is collapsing – because it is worn out – a mechanic can look under there and actually see it happen. In any event, even if it is stuck calipers, this shouldn’t prove overly expensive to fix. Edit: Oops, didn’t notice the vehicle, this might be somewhat expensive if it is stuck calipers.

Could the brake pedal be sticking? If the brake master cylinder push rod doesn’t return to the fully retracted position pressure will be trapped in the circuits to cause all the brakes to drag and the front especially. Check the brake light switch. Also, ice in the booster could cause a problem. How cold and wet is the weather there?

I had a caliper freeze shut on me once after doing brakes on my mustang. There are sliders on the calipers that need to be pulled out and re-greased when servicing your brakes. I ended up needing to replace the caliper - it was just old and frozen up. I think it was around $100-150 for it if I remember correctly. It was pretty easy to do.

Make sure you used a proper high temp grease thats ok to use on brake parts. The sliders on my calipers had rubber boots attached that popped off when you pulled them out of the caliper. Dip the sliders in the grease and get them coated well. Ensure they can move freely.

If you have to replace the calipers make sure you bleed the brake lines to get rid of air bubbles. You start with the wheel furthest away from the master cylinder - mine was the passenger rear, then driver rear, passenger front, driver front until all the air is out and clean brake fluid comes out. Youtube it if you need to do this. Easy to do.

Thats my guess. Good luck!