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Front Brake Rotor is banging


I own a 2007 Scion tc, and recently I started hearing a noise when braking. Sometimes when braking, I hear a single knock. I took off both front wheels and noticed that the front left rotor does not move in relation to the wheel hub. There aren’t any bolts holding it on, but it doesn’t move. The passenger side however will move back and forth a little bit and makes that noise when it hits the wheel studs.

What can I do to stop this? I’m afraid it’s going to weaken the studs.



its waranty,stop playing with it and take it to the dealer.

before you void the waranty.

we know when it was messed with.

good luck.

The wheel will hold the disc onto the hub when the lug nuts are tightened. Try seeing if the discs are loose with the wheel ‘on’ and tight. The ‘knock’ you are hearing may be the brake pads shifting in the caliper brackets as you transition from reverse to forward stopping.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for responding, I’ve had the car since 7/21/06 and now have 70k on it, so it’s out of warranty. I’m aware of the fact that the lug nuts and wheel hold the rotor on, but on other cars and on my truck, there is a torx bolt or two that hold the rotor onto the hub.
I’ll check the pads for play a little more thoroughly.

A cracked lower motor mount would not be unheard of at 70K miles. The resultant change of position of the motor would result in a click or clunk.