Fresh oiled road causing major clean up

Today I had to drive on a fresh oiled county road to get to my house. A pre-treatment before the asphalt will be applied. Despite crawling speed, 5m or less, I ended up with oil splattered along and under the car and oily pebbles sticking to the underbody.The road was wet with standing oil puddles.
I fear the road will still be wet the next day, and I need to use it. Any suggestions what to do that the tar will come off easier. I used up a whole bottle of tar remover and could have used more.
How do I get rid of the oily gravel sticking to the underbody?

I’ve used Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover, it worked well. I don’t know how it’ll handle the large amount you’re having to deal with.

Buy a few cans of aerosol brake parts cleaner.

When they’re done paving the road, spray this where you find any tar/gravel on the vehicle, let it soak, and wipe it off.

This stuff works just as good as any Prep-Solvent used by auto painters.

And because of this, any area where it’s applied to remove any contaminate must be re-waxed to protect the finish.


I’ve used a little gasoline on a rag for that problem before; it worked well, but somewhat dangerous due to the explosive nature of gasoline. If you can find something less dangerous to use and works quickly, that’s the way to go.

Go Gone is great in taking sticky stuff off. You need a lot of elbow grease too.

Be glad this did not happen to you. My son passed through about an hour earlier and missed it.

If it is under the car, ignore it. It will wear away on its own.

If it is on the painted surface, mineral spirits will work without damaging the paint.


it used it, works well, thanks

a last resort if I’m out of turtle wax and need to finish the job, thanks


thanks for all the replies

driving on the wet road again the following day, I let the car coast, no foot on the pedal, very little
splattering, driving faster than that, but still under 5m/hr caused the big mess, luckily no cars
following or approaching

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I did not intent to withdraw any comments, but can’t fix the post. So again, thanks for the
submitted replies.