Freon leaking out with acceleration

98, 4 cyclinder manual. compressor keeps cycling over & over

From The Department Of Redundancy Department : That’s What Compressors Do . . . Cycle Over And Over. That’s What “Cycle” Means.

How do you know freon’s leaking out with acceleration ?


Also, the PCM will cycle the compressor off when you are near Wide-Open-Throttle (accelerating briskly).

yes the compressor is still working, not a problem w/compressor, we know. freon seen leeking out into wheel well area

I would take it to an A/C shop and let them at it. They have the experience and tools to find a leak as well as other problems.

It really won’t be leaking too much longer.

My feeling is that what you’re seeing is not refrigerant. If it was refrigerant then it all would have leaked out very quickly.

And refrigerant in the atmosphere is steam that disappears almost instantly not to mention that acceleration would have little affect on a refrigerant leak.

Maybe what you’re seeing is a smoking belt.

Or perhaps a leaking strut, if you can see that in the wheel well area.

Where did you have someone strapped to see freon leaking into the wheel well during acceleration?