Freon for a 95 Corolla

I’m buying a 95 Corolla for my daughter. The seller says the AC is out & needs a compressor. Does this model use R12 or R134? What can I expect to pay for a compressor for this model?

It should use R134 and the price on a compressor replacement is going to vary a lot due to where the parts are procured, the locale and shop labor rates, parts markup, etc. The east and west coasts are generally higher in price.

The system will also need to be flushed, the drier/accumulator replaced, etc. so one could probably figure on 800-1500 dollars; all depending on a number of things.

Toyota switched to R134 in 1994. Your car is definitely R134. OK4450 posted a ballpark figure that I agree with. Make sure you have the A/C checked at a trustworthy garage. More commonly the condenser fails on these vehicles. If it is the compressor and you are already replacing that and the receiver/drier I would consider replacing the condenser as well so you have no further A/C problems.