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R-12 freon

I own a 1991 Toyota Corolla with 79,400 miles. The A/C is low so I know this car use R-12 Freon. The problem is that I know R-12 is no longer so can I fill it with R134a? Is there any DIY to do it? Or has to be done professionally shop?



Certain things have to be replaced, but it isn’t terribly expensive. Have a pro do it for you if you don’t know what you’re doing. A properly done A/C job is always $ well spent.

You can still find R-12 from people who deal in old car parts, but it’s expensive. However, it still may be cheaper than converting to R-134a.

it still may be cheaper than converting to R-134a.

If the leak is fixed.

Google “Freeze-12”…Pro’s HATE it but backyard guys love it…

WalMart sells an R134a kit that says “compatible with R-12 residue”. When it leaks out eventually, look for a can (at WalMart again) that says it’s compatible with R-12, stops leaks and conditions the compressor seals.