Fred Flintstone's car

Never watched it but the Internet says it was a Thunderbolt Greaseslapper. Tom Slick (1967) @ The Cartoon Databank

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To me, the Flintstones were a ripoff of The Honeymooners. Just like the Cartwrights in Bonanza, the characters ALWAYS wore the same clothes in every episode. That makes it easy to recycle existing footage into the show, and there was a lot of recycled footage in the Flintstones and Bonanza.

Warner Bros cartoons introduced me to classical music, Chopin, Rossini, Wagner.

Paul Terry’s “Mighty Mouse” cartoons were essentially animated operas with the characters singing their lines. Oil Can Harry had a great tenor voice, sung by Tom Morrison, who was also the voice of Mighty Mouse.
Mae Questel, who played the part of the senile Aunt Bethany in Christmas Vacation was the voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl.

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But as a child, that’s why I liked them.

Oh, I did too, I just didn’t necessarily get all the inside jokes.

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