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Frame Replacement '00 GMC Sierra 1500

I’m working on replacing a rusted out frame on a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500. Pics posted if anyone is interested.

Hall Brothers Automotive

@cdaquila Could this be Spam or someone trying to advertise with out paying for it?


Wow. All I can say is I wonder what that cost? Was it worth it? That’s a lot of work.

Buds toyota got a new frame in his truck for free, warranted coverage, so if you got the time and the dime why not.

Nice. The lift and space are a luxury. Did you top coat the POR? Looks like it, curious if you did and what you used. Like the satin finish. I have frames done 20+ years ago with POR and look like the day they cured.

I enjoyed looking at the pics. Gets me motivated to work on my own projects!

Of course he replaced it. That always makes sense when you are playing with OPM.

It’s under $3k so far. It’s worth it because I’m going to keep it.

Yes used a rubberized undercoating after the POR. It would be nice to get 10 years out of it.

I’m just wondering about the wisdom of the rubberized undercoating over the Por15. We used to undercoat new cars but found it cracks and holds moisture in the pockets so does more harm than good.