Fram Oil Filters 2017?


That’ll work fine. Spin that baby on, and drive and drive till the engine seizes. NEVER buy another oil filter.

Buy a few cars, certainly, but no more of those darned filters.


Yep that sounds like a fitting end to this whole orange discussion.


I never heard them called Oil Bath Air Filters. They were all Oil Bath Air Cleaners. My 1971 VW Bus had one as well as the 1972 Ford C850 with the %34 cubic inch gas engine that I drove at work. Oil filters were optional on many cars through the 50s. Worse than no oil filter on the 71 Bus was the fact that they didn’t have a fuel filter. Something you didn’t find out until the dealer charged you $90 to clean the carb and then tried to sell you a super duper Micronite fuel filter for $43. Instead I put in a $1 generic filter from a parts store and it worked fine.

As far as Camry cartridges go, The Toyota dealer sell them for $5.41 as Mike said and our Walmart wants $9 for a Fram.


I still find it quite humorous how those cartridges invariably wind up costing more . . . to the customer, anyways . . . than the typical spin-on filters

Better for the environment . . . less metal to deal with . . . but worse for the pocketbook

And those oil change coupon specials often seem to exclude those cartridges


And a few months ago I even posted the video of the manufacturing process. The process to make the filter element is exactly the same as the cartridge filter. But then you eliminate a few steps and materials by skipping the process for the cartridge.

So why do they charge more? Because they can.


I suspect its also economies of scale depending on if it is on a different line or not. One million production runs versus ten million can make a difference in costs as well as the cost of carrying another item in inventory. Then again it might just be those pesky greedy corporate guys just trying to squeeze more money out of the populous while paying those poor employees starvation wages.

Comrade Bing


I think you are on to something. Examples: AT&T still has a surcharge (except in California) for touch tone service even though it actually costs them more to support a rotary dial phone. They have to add a converter to the circuit because modern phone equipment does not recognize the clicks.

A famous T shirt manufacturer eliminated the costly tag and just stenciled their logo to the shirt itself, cost savings for them, a feature for you.

Reduce costs, call it a feature, charge more. The path to happy shareholders.


I would agree with that if the process to make the filter elements of both filter types weren’t EXACTLY THE SAME. Since they are the same, the cartridge filters will always cost more because of the added manufacturing step.


I just ran across this and thought some might find it interesting

and the next video seems to do some brand comparisons